Food-Navigator USA’s collection on health & wellness


Health and wellness and terms like natural and organic help food manufacturers sell products. offers this collection of its articles addressing the question, “What does health & wellness mean to consumers today? We ask what Americans now expect of the food industry, and which innovative firms are best placed to meet their evolving needs.”

7 trends influencing the evolution of health, wellness and consumers’ views of food: Americans’ evolving definition of health and wellness from treatment to prevention is dramatically impacting how they view food – with many people looking to the ancient past for guidance on how and what to eat in the future… Read

Sales of meal kit subscriptions surge and show no sign of slowing, research shows: Consumers are embracing the convenience and adventure promised by fresh meal kits delivered to their doors with such fervor that sales growth outpaced all other aspects of food service – topping $1 billion globally in 2015, according to market research firm Technomic Inc. .. Read

Mushrooms: The go-to ingredient for 2016?: Mushrooms will feature more prominently in plant- and meat-based dishes in 2016, predicts the Mushroom Council, which says domestic production and value are at an all-time high, while ‘blended’ burgers, meatballs and tacos combining ground meat and chopped mushrooms are gaining significant traction in the foodservice market……

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