How to Negotiate a Sweet Deal on Any Gym Membership


Most of us don’t realize that when we’re casually sitting in a room with a friendly gym associate, we’re actually in the middle of a negotiation. After all, health clubs and gyms are businesses, and in business, you can negotiate anything—well, at least you can try.

According to one site, the average monthly cost of a gym membership in 2014 was $41—a significant financial commitment that adds up to nearly $500 per year. What’s more, only 44 percent of gym members attend their gym more than 100 times a year—meaning there’s significant waste from underutilization. So while investing in your health is usually a good idea, wouldn’t it also be nice to avoid overpaying?

Many gym chains are willing to negotiate the price of your monthly membership or what you have access to, though boutique studios and gyms tend to be even more flexible. Your success largely depends on your local branch and myriad other things that we’re about to discuss.

So, don’t just waltz into a gym unprepared. Here are 12 tips to help you when you’re in the negotiating hot seat.

How to Negotiate a Gym Membership

1. Do your homework.


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