Miso Broccoli Soup

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There is a pall to winter, a stillness, a quietness that settles and draws us in, closer to whatever interior life we are cultivating. We try to make that life good, enriching, nourishing. We try to keep ourselves warm in body, in mind, and in spirit. And, of course, we seek foods that are warming and equally restorative. At the same time, though, I find myself craving brightness in winter. I cannot live without light.steaming-broccoli-sonima-kale-caramelShareTweetPlusPin

This miso broccoli soup brings the brightness of summer into the winter kitchen with a warm, nourishing bowl of blended winter vegetables and a spicy-crunchy nut and seed topping. Miso and toasted sesame oil round out an Eastern flavor profile, making this soup especially delicious served over steaming rice.

Let that winter light in.

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