Perfection Is Possible (But Not The Way You Think)


perfection is possibleBeing a perfectionist is exhausting. If you too are a self-proclaimed perfectionist, you know exactly what I mean.

Laboring for perfection feels like going toe-to-toe in a bare-knuckle brawl with a larger, more experienced opponent. At the end you’re left badly beaten, bruised, eyes swollen shut, kidneys aching. The trophy – perfection – you so desperately wanted is within your field of blurry vision, but you didn’t attain it.

That’s why I proclaimed “Screw perfection!” not too long ago, and encouraged you to do the same. Pursuing perfection in business, life goals, health and fitness, finances, relationships, etc. proved to be unfruitful.

One immense problem with chasing perfection: Striving for it keeps you from appreciating all that you have achieved; you’re blinded from acknowledging all of the wonderful things you’ve already done because you’re not satisfied with good, or even great; you wanted perfect.

But I’ve since realized something. Perfection, while it’s not a long-lasting state of being or finished product, it does exist, however briefly, in moments. And oftentimes it reveals itself when we’re not looking for it and don’t expect it.

Because perfection is elusive we need to st…

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