The Surprising Things I Learned by Starting a Daily Yoga Practice


After unfurling my trusty purple mat, I took a deep breath and a good look around the sun-drenched, Hudson River-side studio. As my fellow practitioners at Hoboken, New Jersey’s Devotion Yoga staked their claims to the rapidly disappearing spots on the hardwood floor, I searched the room for signs suggesting I was insane for what I was about to do. I soon found one.

There, in the last row, emblazoned in big block letters across a woman’s tank top, was my New Year’s resolution: Yoga Every Damn Day.

I wasn’t sure if it was meant as an empowered, euphoric exclamation—“Yoga Every Damn Day!”—or a statement muttered in sheer exhaustion after an eternity of overdosing on Downward-Facing Dogs. But as someone who was standing at the starting line of a 31-day-straight yoga marathon, I had a feeling I’d become familiar with both.

Of course, many yogis say a daily practice helps them stay balanced, and as an ADHD-afflicted inhabitant of our increasingly time-crunched and social media-saturated society, I hoped it would do the same for me. I got a taste of just how rejuvenating a yoga life could be last September, while attending my first yoga retreat in Ojai, California. During three fabulous and almost completely Facebook-less days there, I spent ample time with one of the organizers, Julie Hovespian, a co-founder of the LA-based retreat and wellness marketing company, Birds of a Feather. Julie …

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