Top 3 Female Push-Up Mistakes


Having a novice female perform a push-up for the first time is like watching someone drive a stick shift for the first time. It looks super simple however, in order to succeed at it you must have both quality, technique and practice.

The push-up is a fantastic exercise with a list of numerous benefits from activating your core and glutes to molding your shoulders and triceps.

I find myself programming multiple push-up variations for almost every female I coach, regardless of their current level of strength or experience. Over time it transforms them into a hard core bad ass who’s able to crank out multiple repetitions in any number push-up variations.

The media today is saturated with an array of techniques that females specifically “should follow” in order to perform a push-up. For example, several magazines will tell women to resort to performing push-ups from their knees because women are not strong enough to do one from the floor.

Wake up call! If you do push- ups from the floor on your knees, you will only get better at doing push-ups on the floor from you knees!

Here are the top three female push-up mistakes I encounte…

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