5 Signs Your Client Might Have An Eating Disorder

Source: http://www.theptdc.com/2015/12/how-to-help-with-an-eating-disorder/


You think you’re dealing with fitness progress, when in actuality you’re dealing with an eating disorder.

This paradigm is frightening. In most cases, it’s not just the personal trainer who is oblivious to someone suffering with an eating disorder. The sufferer is also in denial.

It’s hard to distinguish if your client is simply dedicated or dealing with a serious medical issue. And chances are if the awareness isn’t there, you might be perpetuating this cycle with the advice and guidance you’re providing your client.

I worked as a personal trainer for 6 years. I dealt with hundreds of clients who would openly discuss the relationship they had with food, alluding to restrictive behaviors and deprivation. At the time, being uneducated on the illness I assumed it wasn’t detrimental and they just set demanding goals for themselves in a pursuit of self-excellence. I didn’t know how to help with an eating disorder.

I was wrong.

I was dealing with cases of

binge eating disorder
orthorexia nervosa

on a daily basis. Because I wasn’t aware of their case, I was suggesting things to clients that would increase the severity of their eating disorder and the undying quest for perfectionism.


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