Challenging the Belly Fat Hypothesis


Editor’s note: This article is about drawing the line in the search for honest reporting on weight gain, fat loss, and the growing concern about “belly fat.” It was originally scheduled to be published on a mainstream media site. But one editorial request for clarity turned into another for additional research, turned into a game with one agenda: no desire to post an article that clearly opposes a vested interest in a popular book.

At Born Fitness, we have one agenda: look at information objectively, translate information, and help you figure out how to apply it to your life. This post is an honest, balanced review on popular diet methods, or as most people think of it: how to lose belly fat. That’s why we worked with Dr. Mike Israetel, a professor of exercise science at Temple University, to review what science really reveals about weight loss, and challenges a popular opinion on weight gain. Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas and research shared, it’s important that open discussion is not censored. -AB

Most studies simply do not demonstrate a detectable effect of the glycemic index on weight gain or loss.

Thinking Clearly About Obesity, Belly Fat, and Weight Loss
By Dr. Mike Israetel, Professor of Exercise Science at Temple University

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Harvard nutrition professor Dr. David Ludwig previewed some of the basics of his new book, Always Hungry, which proposes a solut…

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