Edamame Hummus with Spring Vegetables

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Spring is almost here. Can you taste it? The subtle sweetness of new green carving its way out from under the hard earth, the mellow salt of life reawakening from a long slumber. In the spring, we too have an invitation to reawaken, not just to the world around us, but to the life within. prep-edamame-hummus-sonima-kale-caramelShareTweetPlusPin

We can make new rules for how we live, how we breathe, how we work, how we argue, how we eat. We can reawaken the places in our hearts that have become numb in the cold of winter and loss. And we can nourish ourselves with foods that usher in new life. Enter this lush, pale green edamame hummus.side-edamame-hummus-sonima-kale-caramelShareTweetPlusPin

Creamy and rich with umami from miso and tahini, this hummus is the perfect appetizer, party snack, or building block for lunch or dinner. Serve it with as many spring veggies as you can load on the platter, and finish it with a generous hand of black sesame seeds and olive oil.


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