Personal Trainer in Ashburn explains the WIT Concept – and his boot camp clients in Ashburn exemplify it!


When I started my first  business around age 21, I had a mentor teaching me the ropes and giving me assignments to help me reach my goal but I wanted to know how I would know when I would succeed and see some results.  I wanted to know exactly what it would take to get there.  That’s when he taught me about the WIT concept.  “What is that?”, I asked.  He said, “Whatever It Takes”.  You’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

By adopting this principle and idea, I tripled the size of his business in less than a year.

Don’t see obstacles as roadblocks but opportunities to think creatively and flex your problem solving muscles because when you’re committed, there’s ALWAYS a way.

Kelli Mike Dillon

Kelli & Mike Dillon – Working out before dawn!


I want to give a HUGE shout out to a husband and wife who are practicing the WIT concept this month.  We’ve been working to get a Boot Camp off the ground for a rapidly growing community in Ashburn and Kelli Dillon stepped up and recruited enough people to make it happen.

Here’s the amazing thing.  Kelli just had her 6th, count’em, 6th child 3 months ago.  She had every reason to say, y…

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