Shannon’s Method: Overcome Habit Procrastination


By Leo Babauta

One of the biggest problems we face when we’re forming a new positive habit is procrastination.

We’ve all done this: we’re trying to meditate or exercise or floss, but we’re tired or busy. So we put it off, and then the next day we do it again, and soon we’ve just dropped the new habit.

It’s easier to put off the habit than to just do it, right? What’s the solution?

I was taking a walk with my mom, Shannon, a couple days ago and we were talking about habits. She’s very good at just doing any habit that she knows is good for her: if she finds out she needs to take some vitamins every day, or do foam rolling, or do a daily walk, she’ll just do it. No fuss, no problem. She’s the same way with anything — finances, tasks she has to do for her work, Guampedia.

So what’s her secret? I questioned her until I found out.

Me: Most people get to a point where they skip doing a habit when they’re tired, or stressed … but you don’t. Why not?

Shannon: I just tell myself, “You’re not getting into that. It’s only going to take two minutes. Just do it now.”

Me: What do you mean by, “You’re not getting into that”?

Shannon: I know what happens when you go down that slippery slope. I’ve been there. So I just decide not to go down it. It only takes two minutes, so it’s better to just do …

What do you think?