The key to transforming your body in 2013!


. . . “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

This is the key to any successful and dramatic physique transformation. Let me explain…

Where you are now, is your comfort zone. Your health and fitness goals are where you want to be.

So by definition, your goals are outside of your comfort zone – if they weren’t, then you’d have accomplished them by now…

Which means that in order to achieve the body you want (or any other worthwhile goal in your life) you’re going to have to venture outside of that safe, warm, cozy comfort zone and experience some discomfort.

When it comes to a fitter, more toned body, it means you’ll have to experience the discomfort of hunger from time to time… it means you’ll have to push yourself in your workouts, and keep pushing even when your muscles are burning and crying for rest.

… It means you’ll have to follow your nutrition plan – even on the days you feel like eating pizza and ice cream (or whatever your “sinful” indulgence is).

… And it means you’ll have to adapt and reasses when things don’t go according to plan or life throws a curveball at you to see if you’re paying attention.

Getting uncomfortable is what makes us grow. It’s what makes us change for the better. So the sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you’ll have that rockin’ bod! <im…

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