Weight Loss Research

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Editor’s Note: This page is a list of weight loss research and resources from this article by Dr. Mike Israetel, which challenges a popular dieting approach to fat loss, weight gain, and belly fat. To read the full article, click here.

Weight Loss Research on Glycemic Index

Review showing a slight benefit of low GI or low GL diets, only summing up to (at most) 15lbs of weight gain over 20 years.

Almost no difference in outcomes for 36 weeks of low-glycemic load diet in obese

No difference on health outcomes of high or low GI diet over 5 weeks

Relationship of GI to markers of health unclear

No differences in outcomes between low and high GI diets over 10 weeks (including satiety)

Review indicating some benefit in weight loss for low glycemic diets

2013 review indicating no anthropometric (fat loss included) differences between high and low glycemic index and load diets (This is the biggest nail in the coffin right here, as it’s a comprehensive review and is recent)

Weight Loss Research On Food Reward

Overall review of the food reward hypothesis

Additional research here

Increased Hunger and Slowed Metabolism

Extreme levels of overeating when high palatability food is presented

Energy restriction (for a whole year) shows only small (yet significant) declines in metabolic rate

Weight Loss Research and Metabolic Changes

MASSIVE weight loss rates (18kg in only 12 weeks) resulted in 67% o…

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