Why Dietary Supplements Are a Waste of Your Money

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Dietary supplements can seem pretty attractive. (You mean all I have to do to stay healthy is pop a multivitamin?) But researchers say they’re a waste of money. As this story from Vox shows, dietary supplements promise a slew of health benefits (weight loss, improved digestion, clearer skin), but study after study has found that these claims are exaggerated. Another problem? There’s little government oversight, so you can’t be sure exactly what’s in each pill. Vox found that more than 850 supplement products contained illegal ingredients or ones not listed on the bottle.

The takeaway: If your doctor tells you to take a supplement for a specific deficiency, go right ahead. The rest of us should focus on eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet instead. To check out Vox’s in-depth investigation, click the button below.

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