Why I Show Up Early for Yoga

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A few months ago, I started doing one small thing differently: showing up a little early for yoga class.

why i show up early for yoga

It had started to occur to me that while yoga is my calming happy place (see also: Why I Love Yoga), I was often cutting it really close on timing, showing up to class with seconds to spare, harried and stressed. I was joking with it about a friend awhile ago, about how running late for a yoga class seems like the ultimate irony – “I have to hurry up and get there so I can slow down!!!!”

So one day I decided I’d start showing up early for yoga. Not crazy early, but about 10 to 15 minutes. Early enough that I’d have time to calmly arrive, put my stuff away, change if I needed to, and spend at least 5 or so minutes lying down on my mat and chilling out before class started. It’s something simple but it makes such a difference.

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