Cookie Monster to Altitude Master: How Jason Fitzgerald Upgraded His Diet and Never Felt Better


I’m on vacation this week and have asked my Nutrition for Runners co-author, running coach Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running, to share a guest post on how his diet has changed (and consequently, his running) since meeting me and writing our nutrition program together. Read on to see how he went from cookie monster… to altitude master. :)

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Cookie Monster to Altitude Master:
How I Upgraded my Diet & Never Felt Better

by: Jason Fitzgerald

Everything changed when I met Anne. I stalked her on Twitter for a few weeks (c’mon, everyone does it!), reading her thoughts on nutrition and staring dreamily at her fan(ne)tastic food porn. I knew at the time that I needed to work with a Registered Dietitian – but not just any dietitian. I needed an RD who understood runners (because she was one herself!) and how to eat for maximum recovery, fueling, and energy. So after a few email…

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