Why You Should Stop Dramatizing Your Fitness and Health Goals: A Plea for Easy Bottle Battles

Source: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2016/04/11/why-you-should-stop-dramatizing-your-fitness-and-health-goals-a-plea-for-easy-bottle-battles/

This is an article from NF Team Member Staci.

I recently decided to re-play the Legend of Zelda – the game that got me hooked on video games – and  I made one big observation:

The boss battles are really weak.

Seriously, you go through the dungeon, through countless rooms full of ridiculously hard bad guys, just to get to a boss that takes three or four hits. Yep –  a few hits and you’re done.

But then I got thinking – maybe this is how it is SUPPOSED to be. Maybe boss battles shouldn’t be built up to be ridiculously hard. And maybe boss battles shouldn’t be so hard in real life, either.

The first time I played the Legend of Zelda I immediately got my sword and wandered around for a few screens until I found the first dungeon. And so I entered, promptly died over and over again, and yelled and cried at the screen until I convinced my cousin to help me out (hey, I was 5).

“You can’t just go into the dungeon right off the bat and expect to beat it, dummy,” he said.

Uhf, okay. So I tried it again, this time starting with the process of beating countless enemies and learning the basics of the game before I went back to the dungeon. And 5-year-old me learned an important lesson… because this time I beat it easily on my first try.

This second time around as an adult, I headed into the game with the e…

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