Discover Your Emotional Age: Heal Yourself & Change Your Life (Interview & Book Giveaway)


The Emotional Edge

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When I first discovered Crystal Andrus Morissette’s new book The Emotional Edge, I was intrigued. I knew the book would offer a process for discovering our “Emotional Age,” a term that was new to me, but I didn’t realize it would provide a powerful roadmap for healing the wounded parts of our psyche and growing into our most empowered, authentic self.

From the Amazon page:

The Emotional Edge empowers you to stop reacting in knee-jerk ways that hurt and instead start expanding your life to become the greatest expression of you possible. Once you know your Emotional Age, you can take any needed steps to become an authentic adult so you stop giving your power away.

You’ll learn:

Whether you’re a Parent, Child, or Adult ‘archetype’—take the Emotional Age Quiz and find out
When you’re inadvertently sabotaging yourself and why
How to channel fear and anger into courage and willingness
How to change your communication scale and style from passive or aggressive to assertive, accepting, and ultimately peaceful
Methods for fine-tuning into your unique needs mentally, emotionally, and physically
Ways …

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