Toxic Chemicals to Avoid for Better Health


Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

I hope you are enjoying this absolutely gorgeous weather.  Oh my goodness, the warm weather and sunshine makes me so happy!

Now I don’t want to put a damper on your day, but I was recently asked if I would share some of the toxic chemicals to avoid.  I know that this topic can be confusing and want to help weed through this important information.

Did you know that your skin is a “breathable” organ?

Up to 60% of what you apply topically on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream, and children absorb even more than that.

Imagine that products you’ve been using for years actually contain harmful ingredients and could damage your health. If so, your first instinct would be to find a healthier alternative, pronto!

Below are a few of the toxic chemicals that should be avoided:

Parabens – often found in deodorants & moisturizers, parabens are hormone inhibitors & believed to accelerate tumor growth
Artificial fragrance & color – may trigger allergies, asthma, and some colors contain lead & harmful dyes
Toulene – found in nail polish, hair color products, and some fragrances, this chemical is linked to kidney & liver damage, which may affect fetal growth
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate – a foaming agent found in shampoos and body/facial washes, it dries out the skin & is linked to eczema, hair- loss, rashes, and dry and scaly …

What do you think?