Every Day Can’t be Awesome, And That’s OK

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every day can't be awesome and that's OK

“Don’t waste a single day of your life!” I’m sure you can agree, but sometimes when I hear that I want to say, “Shut up. I’m just trying to do adult things right now.”

Act like you only have six months to live!

Don’t allow any day to end without doing something amazing!

“Nah, I’m not worried about the more-than-likely painful consequences. YOLO!!!!”

I admit that I consistently encourage you to live the highest quality life you can. To take risks, face fear, and make the most of every day. To the best of my ability, I practice what I preach too.

“Strive to become the strongest, most awesome version of yourself,” I always say.

And that’s great! We should do what we can to make the most of every day. We never know when we’ll be faced with an Oh Shit! moment and have opportunities taken away from us. It’s best to actively manage your life (i.e., make choices) rather than allowing others to dictate your life. Take control, make choices, and create a wonderful life.

That’s a worthy endeavor, and it allows us in many ways to “live life to the fullest.”

But let’s face it: some days flat out suck.

And most days are j…

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