9 Ways for Women to Be More, Not Less (Infographic)

Source: http://www.niashanks.com/women-be-more-not-less-infographic/

There’s no shortage of information trying to convince you that your sole purpose as a woman is to value yourself based on how you look. (“Hey, woman! Do you hate how you look? Of course you do — every woman hates something about herself and won’t be happy until it’s fixed. Here’s a solution for your flaws.”)

Media and magazines prey on our insecurities, and create ones we didn’t have in the first place. We’re constantly told to eat less, that we need to whittle ourselves down to a smaller size, and that we’ll finally be happy once we reach those society-approved standards.

Crap. All of it. It’s a gargantuan mountain of steamy crap. And I’m sick of smelling it.

Part of the reason I’m tired of this nonsense is because I once believed every damn word. I know what it’s like to value myself based on my weight and physical appearance. Battling binge eating that developed from restrictive dieting was my reality for years. Spending hours each week working out because I hated how I looked and then punishing myself with extra workouts when I gave into temptation.

I don’t want other women to travel down the same degrading, miserable path. The solution: refuse to swallow the “women must strive to be smaller” pill and choose to be more. Here’s a handy infographic to get you started.

What To Do Now

Simple: be more. Be more in…

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