Comfy Socks for a Good Cause


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Friends: have you tried Bombas socks yet? If not, you should. Bombas are athletic-leisure socks, engineered to look better, feel better, and perform better than other socks. I first found out about their socks when they reached out to me about doing a blog review last year, and have been loving them ever since. Most of my family also now owns multiple pairs of Bombas socks – I bought a ton of their athletic ankle socks and regular calf socks as stocking stuffers this past Christmas!

bombas socks review

When I first tried Bombas socks (which I now always want to call “bomb ass socks” like my friend Theodora) last year, they only had two main options: ankle and calf height socks, both made from their moisture wicking Extra Long Staple Cotton. Matt and I have been loving rocking their ankle socks for workouts over the past year – their blister tab, which is a tiny ankle cushion that sits directly where your shoe hits your leg to prevent rubbing, chafing, and falling down, is perfection.

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