PornHub Is Making a Fitbit for Your Sex Life


Well damn. We’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and this ad for BangFit—basically a Fitbit for your sex life created by the great minds at PornHub—is hilarious. Can you imagine competing against your friends and their partners to see who gets the best workout during sex?

Guys have to strap the BangFit band (it looks like a cross between a fanny pack and a wrestling belt with a compartment for your smartphone) around their waist before they get hot and heavy. The app scores sexercizes based on how well you perform them, so you can brag about how healthy your sex life is on social media.

With a fully functioning website, BangFit could be the future of health-conscious sex. But since the band is sold out, we’re more inclined to believe that this is just an exceptionally smart marketing stunt. But that doesn’t mean companies like Fitbit and Jawbone (an appropriate name) can’t use it as inspiration for future products.

What do you think?