The Superhero Civil War Workout: Choose Iron Man or Captain America


Today’s article is from Nerd Fitness’s newest team member, and Master of the Fitness Universe, Jim Bathurst. Take it away Jim!

Have you seen Captain America: Civil War yet?

Last week, we talked about why Captain America or Iron Man might be right in the epic battle within the Marvel universe.

Today the choice is yours: The Iron Man Workout or the Captain America Workout.

Iron Man wants to work within the new superhero registration law. He believes that the heroes of the world need to operate within the rules and regulations for the safety and well being of everyone. That’s why the Iron Man workout includes more classic, structured movements. And because this is Iron Man, we’ll primarily be using iron (weights) — these things write themselves!

Captain America is opposed to these superhero regulations and wants to be able to move and operate freely. You’ll notice his workout includes more bodyweight movements and non-traditional movements in multiple directions.

Warm up

Each workout will start with the same warm up.

X-Men Jumping Jacks: The X-Men have declared neutrality in the Civil War, so whichever workout/side you choose you can start off with jumping jacks (passing through an “X” position, of course)
Spidermans:  While Spiderman appears to be on the side of Iron Man, I am willing to bet he still sides a lot with Captain America and the desire for super…

What do you think?