11 Stuffed Avocado Recipes That Are Basically Boatloads of Happiness

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We’re big fans of avocado around here, and there’s nothing we love more than finding unexpected ways to get our fix. Stuffed avocados are the easiest way to pack one bite with as many good-for-you ingredients as possible, without sacrificing flavor. Whether you’re looking for a gateway vessel for getting comfy around unique combos (like Thai tuna or chickpea and Tamari salad) or in the market for a simple avocado toast upgrade, these 11 recipes are ripe for the making.

1. Thai Tuna-Stuffed Avocado

Stuffed Avocados: Thai Tuna

Mash avocado directly into the soy sauce-based tuna salad to get that classic creamy texture with a healthy spin. Finish off the snack with a generous squirt of Asian chili sauce to kick up the heat.

2. Charred Broccoli and Tofu-Stuffed Avocado

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