No Hype, Just Results: The Foundation of Effective Workout Plans


I’ve been transforming bodies since I was 18, which means I’ve been doing this more than 15 years. In that time, I’ve seemingly made every mistake possible. Following bad workouts, training too much and then too little. Crazy on metabolic conditioning, anti-cardio, anti-biceps curls…the list goes on and on. I seemingly did everything but create effective workout plans. There were times when my mistakes made me question if I was in the wrong industry. Until I realized that the obstacle is the way.

Once I started using my errors as a foundation for smarter program design, that’s when things started to change. Clients lost hundreds of pounds. Lives were transformed. And rules of fat loss and muscle gain become more reality than myth.

Instead of blindly applying proven principles, I learned to adapt concepts to individuals, learning that body types, past training history, lifestyle preferences, and injuries were all just as important as nutritional and exercise science. This is where results happen: when evidence-based practices meet individual needs and are combined with personality considerations, which help with consistency.

Add that to lessons and mentorship from the smartest coaches (Jason Ferruggia, Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson, Smitty, Cosgrove, Cressey, Verstegen, Rooney, and Ben Bruno, just to name a few) in the industry—and I was able to take my greatest strength (finding your weaknesses) and apply it in a way that could ma…

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