9 Ways To Make Your Client’s Workout Set Harder And More Intense

Source: http://www.theptdc.com/2016/06/9-ways-to-make-clients-workout-set-harder-more-intense/

Selecting the appropriate resistance for your clients is a very important part of personal training.  If you go too light, the client will not make the necessary physiological adaptations to respond to the training.  If you go too heavy, the workout might be too hard, frustrate them, or worse, hurt them.

Trainers should have some readily available tools in their toolbox to crank those working sets to the proper intensity for their clients.

Sometimes we may choose a weight we believe to be a challenge for our desired rep range, but it turns out to be a little too easy for the client. In most cases, we could simply add more reps, but it’d be more useful to keep the same weight, yet just incorporate some techniques that make your client’s workout set harder and more intense.

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There are nine techniques I want to share, but before I get to them, a couple of notes:

If you cue your client during a set, keep them short and concise. If you need to provide a long, detailed explanation of what he should do, instruct while your client is resting in-between sets. Otherwise, give them the necessary instruction of what you expect before they begin.

For example, you might say, “I want you to complete 10 reps of …

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