This Girl Can’t – a lesson learned in mountain biking


FitBits | Numpty definition - mountain bike fail - Tess Agnew

Well that wasn’t in the plan.  
Never in a million years did I see it happening, not even when I rode as fast as I could, on my brand new bike, trying for the first time ever, to pump nice and hard into the fast and flowy descent on Forest of Dean’s signature blue trail. 
Me and my trusty hardtail have ridden the Verderer’s numerous times and never parted company, not once. Even on the more technical, rocky descents at Bike Park Wales and Afan, when I was hanging on for dear life with borderline carpal tunnel syndrome, I never came off. 
But the new wheels in my life – my beautiful, silky smooth Specialized Rhyme full sus – is an absolute beauty and boy does she fly. 

The thing is, I don’t, do I?

Van life rules, ok.
You have no idea how excited I was to see what this bike could do. After a couple of years…

What do you think?