8 Meditation Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Feel Calm and Peaceful

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Meditating woman

“Three things you cannot recover in life: the word after it’s said, the moment after it’s missed, and the time after it’s gone.” ~Unknown

Do you meditate?

I do. I come from a Buddhist family, and meditation is like an heirloom to me.

I didn’t start meditating until I was an adult. But when I did, I meditated diligently. From forming a meditation habit to getting the latest meditation app, I’ve done it all.

And one day I got a little worried.

I didn’t feel much difference. I didn’t feel calm and peaceful like I was supposed to feel.

In fact, I didn’t feel anything.

Nothing has changed. I was still the irritable, depressed person that I was. Meditation felt like a waste of time.

Later, I was shocked to discover how many mistakes I was making.

I want you to avoid these mistakes so that you can meditate efficiently without wasting your time as well.

1. You don’t embrace distractions.

I used to hate distraction. I’d use earplugs, lock my door, and yell at everybody to shut up before I meditated.

By all means, minimize distraction. But realize no matter what you do, something’s going to bother you. If you’re like me, you become more irritated each time you get distracted or interrupted. This …

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