This Playlist Will Make Your Next Run Feel Like a Dance Party


When it comes to running, we know listening to music can turn a slow slog into a song-fueled success—especially if you’re a newbie. Studies show that music can help you maintain a steady cadence (or steps per minute), increase your intensity, and even make you stick to a training plan. 1 Plus, it just feels good! There’s nothing worse than pounding the pavement with low energy and no music to pump you up. Bleh.

Next time that happens, switch things up with an interval run. We tapped Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Matty Maggiacomo to create the perfect playlist to power up your next workout.

“When it comes to running, long-distance or otherwise, the perfect playlist can make a huge difference, and tempo is key,” says Maggiacomo. A song’s beats per minute (or BPM) will help you set your cadence. Calculate BPMs by counting the beats for 30 seconds and then doubling that number. You can also search around sites like Spotify for running music that specifically lists BPMs.

Follow Maggiacomo’s general guide to build your own music mix or use his custom-curated playlist below.

Pick Your Music: 115 to 125 BPM = warm-up; a brisk walk or jog 120 to 140 BPM = the body of your run; covering distance 140 BPMs or above = sprints and all-out efforts Build Your Interval Running Workout: Tracks 1 and 2: Warm up. Tracks 3 and 4: Set your pace. Tracks 5 and 6: Sprint or high knees on the chorus. Tracks 7 and 8: Pick up the pace. Tracks 9…

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