Why Hamstring Training is the Key to Lower Body Development

Source: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/hamstring-training/

hamstring1s1111Being that you and I are serious lifters, I can all but guarantee one thing: your hamstring development is lacking. 

I get that it can seem tough to inject exercise variety into your workouts when it comes to your hamstrings; stimulating your hammies isn’t easy for anyone. I also get that training your hamstrings is near the bottom of the list of muscles that you enjoy training. 

I know this because 9.86 lifters out of 10 have hamstrings that are either: 

Overwhelmed by their quads.
Draped into invisibility by lengthy shorts (aka non-existent).

Creating a balanced and impressive physique means that you can’t neglect any one muscle.

Unless you want to flaunt an impressive torso while displaying it upon a pair of bent chopsticks, you need to train your hamstrings. 

Hamstrings, along with calves and forearms in some cases, are muscles many lifters hate to train, and yet, they’re often what they need to train in order to bring balance to their stature as they continue to fill out their physique. 

Let’s give your ‘strings the respect they desire and build a set of hammies that really HANG.

The Hamstring Training Mistakes We …

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