How is your energy level on a normal day?

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Today’s question is:

How is your energy level on a normal day?

  • I can take the day by storm
  • I’ve got just enough to make it through the day
  • I occasionally need a little pick-me-up
  • I feel tired all the time


Best thing to be called: “You’re a high-energy machine!”

Energy is a hard thing to define but you know when you don’t have it.

Motion = Energy – from a presentation by Tony Robbins

What can impact your energy?

  1. Nutrition – not eating enough – or not eating the right things so you are missing out on key nutrients. Supplements might be the answer – but need to investigate to find the right source.Feeling tired and lacking energy may suggest that you are not providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function at peak levels.
  2. Sleep – getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Quantity and Quality.
  3. Lifestyle/Exercise – doing 2-3 hours a week of exercise. Any kind.

What else can you do?

Natural support for energy includes a good multivitamin along with cordyceps, ginseng, and green tea.

Meditation – for focus and lowering your stress levels.

Feeling tired all the time may be the result of a medical condition. If your tired feelings last more than a few weeks or do not improve you should consult your health care provider.


I hope this made some sense for you


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