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Macular Degeneration, Dr. Steve Chaney & AREDS 2 Study

AREDS = Age Related Eye Disease Study

Based on AREDS 2 Study, What does Dr. Chaney recommend for Macular Degeneration prevention?

Quoted from Dr. Chaney by Debbie Garrison February 2, 2011

“Dr. Chaney is a Professor Bio-Chemistry and Nutrition at UNC Medical School —he is also a cancer researcher.

“Now you see it, now you don’t.

Most supplement companies are reluctant to abandon a well-established brand – even when they have something better to sell.

On a recent visit to our optometrist he alerted us to a perfect example of that in the area of eye health.

But, first a bit of background.

Many of you have probably heard of AREDS (Age Related Eye Disease Study) conducted by the National Eye Institute. That study showed that high doses of the antioxidants vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E and the mineral zinc significantly decreased the risk of macular degeneration in high risk patients.

Very shortly after the study was completed several companies started marketing vitamin supplements based on the amounts of those nutrients used in the AREDS study.

However, by the time that study was published there were already several other published studies showing that lutein and zeaxanthin were a better choice than beta-carotene and that omega-3 fatty acids also significantly reduced the risk of macular degeneration. In addition, many experts felt that the amount of zinc used in the original AREDS formulation was too high.

So the National Eye Institute immediately started an AREDS 2 study with the revised formulation and most of the manufacturers of AREDS supplements started marketing AREDS 2 supplements.

Our optometrist told us people interested in reducing the risk of macular degeneration really should be using the AREDS 2 supplements rather than the AREDS formulations offered by the same companies.

  • Since he knew that we used Shaklee products he also asked us whether it was possible to get those nutrients in the right amount from Shaklee supplements.

Dr. Chaney continues….

So we did some label reading.

1 Vitalizer Strip plus, 1 Vita E Complex, 2 CarotoMax, 2 OmegaGuard and 1 Zinc Complex come very close to the AREDS 2 formulation.

  • Linda Dietz’s suggestion: “I would add Vivix to this list and Energizing Soy Protein because I have worked with so many folks who have either reversed or stopped the progression of this growing problem.”

So the bottom line is:

If you are interested in reducing the risk of macular degeneration look for an AREDS 2 formulation —- and Shaklee quality and consistency fits the bill.”

To Your Health ! Dr. Stephen G Chaney

Before VIVIX, these supplements stopped or reversed macular degeneration for numerous Shaklee family members:

  • 6 Carotomax a day
  • 6 zinc a day
  • 1 Energizing Protein Shake a day
  • 4 Vita Lea a day
  • 4 B-complex a day
  • 6 500mg time released C a day

Now that we have VIVIX, these are the supplements that are recommended by Dr. Chaney and the AREDS 2 study as a possible prevention for Macular Degeneration:

  • 1 Vitalizer Strip a day
  • 1 Vita E a day
  • 2 Carotomax a day
  • 2 OmegaGuard a day
  • 1 zinc a day
  • One protein shake or one Meal Bar or two snack bars a day
  • 1 tsp of VIVIX a day

Most of my Macular Degeneration customers start just taking VIVIX. Then they have an eye exam. If their eye exam shows that their vision has stayed the same or gotten better, most of my VIVIX customers have added other supplements to their VIVIX and achieved even greater vision gains.

Rheumatoid Arthritis testimonials

Arthritis – Alice C. “Totally Pain Free”

My family has a history of inflammatory illnesses. Arthritis is the number one and heart disease. About 1975 after a very stressful couple of years (long distance move, flood, life and stress does often trigger inflammatory illness), my symptoms began. During this period my cousin-best friend also was in treatment for her Arthritis.

I determined I would seek natural methods. However, she had the best medical team available in NY and Conn. because her husband’s company paid for everything. When I suggested food supplements she said “why should I pay for vitamins when my medical care and prescriptions are completely paid for?” Following 2 kidney transplants and awaiting the third, she died in 1985 due to the “excellent” medications prescribed and paid for by outstanding specialists.

I was introduced to Shaklee in 1976 and received great benefit due to the Alfalfa that helps reduce inflammation. Then, the distributor moved from the area and ordering by the case from the company was not an option for me. I went to my local Health Food Store and bought the best they had available. The owner worked with me even ordering special products but my symptoms returned. Then I heard Amway had a natural vitamin and switched to that brand. By 1986 I could not dress myself and I could not get any relief.

My doctor recommended a Rheumatologist in Houston but I didn’t follow through. Then, out of the blue, a Shaklee Distributor came into my business and introduced herself. She had just moved to Conroe from out of state. Her husband, whom I knew, suggested that she come meet me. (What if she had not made the effort to ask if I was interested?) The rest is history.

I got back on a Shaklee program in July 1987 and after a period of detox, which is like the flu, I began to improve. In Sept. I attended a seminar in Dallas with two scientists, one who was an inflammatory specialist. I had a consultation and he suggested I take 30 Alfalfa and 9 Essential Omega Acids each day. Within a few months I was totally pain free and after about 5 years all the large calcium deposits on my fingers, wrists and evidently my back were gone.

At age 70 and a half I have no pain, no inflamed joints and my physician tells me I am the only patient she has who gets better with age, according to my blood chemistry.

My latest blood chemistry dated 8-13-03 has a note from my physician, “As always, Great !!!” My cholesterol is down after taking the new Cholesterol Reduction Complex for 6 weeks by about 20 points. My HDL is up to 70 with a 3.0 ratio.

I would wish for everyone to enjoy the energy and good health that I do. I tried everything else, nothing worked, but Shaklee gave my body the nutrition it needed and continues to require for good health. Medications will never nourish the body, the cells only recognize live foods.

Alice Coker

Arthritis – Betty G. “My Attitude Has Changed Completely”

It is with pleasure that I take the opportunity to share my thoughts about Shaklee. I was introduced to Shaklee in 1981 as a wholesale consumer of “concentrated” cleaning products. Since the person knew that I was an RN, he did not share “nutrition” with me, but did supply me with cassettes on various subjects. He was not aware of the various health challenges that I had, especially the pain of Osteoarthritis that resulted following a work-related accident and 5 back surgeries. In order for me to work, I took about 15 Bufferin a day. I chose them because they were as effective as the anti-inflammatory drugs the Dr.’s had put me on, and created fewer side effects.

After listening to testimonies on the tapes and the rationale behind supplementation, I began using the Shaklee basics of that time, which were Vita-Lea, Vita C, Alfalfa, Herb Lax and Protein. I also added Calcium Magnesium to my program. I could not BELIEVE it!! In less than 3 weeks, I was not taking any Bufferin and felt energized and a great sense of well-being.

This was too good to keep to myself since I was hearing lots of complaints from others. My attitude had changed completely… that a “vitamin” is a “vitamin”, and “if the Dr. doesn’t know how to help, vitamins certainly can’t”. I continued to educate myself with meetings, tapes, books, etc. and started sharing with others how they could experience better health. I have seen B/P lowered without medication, migraine headaches gradually go away, digestive disorders relieved, immune systems restored, energy and endurance revived, and the list goes on.

Betty Griffin

Arthritis – Betty S. “Ring Fits on Finger Again”

My Special Ring

My children gave me a ring that I have worn for many years on my left ring finger. For the past five years, my knuckle was swollen from arthritis and I hadn’t been able to wear the “special” ring. Since taking Vivix for 2 weeks, the knuckle has shrunk and I have been able to wear my “special” ring every day. I am Thrilled!

Betty Simpson

Arthritis – Bob F. “Instant Relief”

I have arthritis in my feet and tendonitis in both arms. Anyone who has arthritis understands the constant pain. I tried Shaklee’s Joint and Muscle cream as soon as it became available and felt instant relief. After applying the cream for several weeks there is almost no discomfort.

Whenever I do too much work with my arms like gardening, lifting or carrying stuff, even cooking for a long time (I usually spend most of Saturday preparing meals) my arms feel lifeless, and inflamed. It usually takes several days to recover.

I also recently started to take Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex for arthritis as well as for the tendonitis. I washed windows this past week-end, and over-did it as usual. Without realizing it I did more than anticipated and didn’t think about my arms getting inflamed. My wife asked how I felt and I just looked at her and thought why would I feel any different; but my arms didn’t hurt and there was no inflammation. My arms felt great….pain was forgotten.

Many products claim they give relief, but with Shaklee you get results!

Bob Flowers

Arthritis – Dolores M. “Suffering For 50+ Years”

I had been suffering for 50+ years with arthritis, throughout my body, and this became aggravated by sciatica, bursitis and osteoporosis. Compounding the problem was the fact that I had been treated for years for hypothyroidism so that exercise was difficult and weight gain inevitable, thereby augmenting the joint problems. My doctor was afraid that improper exercising might do more damage and he considered that the form of exercise activity with the Y-care training would be advantageous.

Initially, the regimen of exercises were painful and exhausting but, with consistent effort and attendance, this improved to what I would consider a discomfort level, but not necessary any where near the pain threshold I had encountered earlier. That was up until Christmas 2004.

I had always had difficulty with sloped grades, inclines, stairs, etc., sometime requiring a handrail to assist me by allowing me to pull myself up the stairs, or else holding the arm of someone who would pull me up an incline. For some reason, this was becoming increasingly difficult and, by Christmas 2004, I was needing a great deal of assistance navigating the stairs to my grand-daughter’s home for our annual Christmas get-together.

By mid-January, 2005, I was barely able to get out of bed, creep to the bathroom, and get back up on to the bed. Living alone, except for two cats, I was pretty much panicked knowing that I had been told that eventually I could expect to be wheel-chair ridden. This seemed to be it. What’s worse, my weight was still 40 some pounds more than it should be and I had developed high blood pressure. I also had a high cholesterol problem too. It stunned me since I had been on prescription pain killers all my adult life and even though they never freed me from pain, they did moderate it somewhat. Now, even that was not happening.

By a stroke of luck, I had recently subscribed to membership with the Shaklee Nutrition Company and had been researching their products as targeted to joint pain. I had placed an order which arrived (at my neighbors door since I couldn’t get out of bed and to the door to receive it) and which I received eventually. I started on the Soy Protein (water-washed and prepared at 56 degree C so that it did not destroy the phyto-chemicals and phyto-estrogens, nor become a source of carcinogens); the Joint Pain Relief; and the Joint Pain Complex. I noticed a little relief after three or four days enough to navigate around my condo and feed the animals. I then ordered some Joint and Muscle Pain Cream for future use. I never got to use it because, the day it arrived, I was back at the gym with it in my purse. I ran into someone else in pain, offered it to him to try, he did, and purchased it from me right away.

It didn’t matter. Since March 1st, I have never had to take as much as an aspirin for pain, have almost complete mobility of all my joints, have used other Shaklee products to bring down my weight and lost 35 pounds, have got normal cholesterol, and my systolic blood pressure has dropped about 30 points. I still have a thyroid condition but hope to eventually rid my need for thyroid medication altogether.

Why do I continue at the gym? Because I probably would not exercise at all without the moral support and collegiality of those I exercise with. I certainly would miss the social contact and the friends I have developed, not to mention the opportunity I have had to direct people to possible nutritional supplements that could help them too. I am now happy to be associated with Shaklee as a wellness representative being proactive on the medical scene instead of reactive as is frequently the case with most of us who wait for disaster to strike before doing anything to prevent it.

Dolores (Del) E. Myles


Arthritis – Frederick “Years Of Knee Pain Gone”

I am a 72 years young male. Nearly forty years ago I blew out my right knee playing football and was on crutches for almost 6 months. Did not have my knee operated on at that time. In the last few years arthritis has set in that knee. I am an active person and play golf at least three times per week. With any activity the right knee would become inflamed with much pain. I have been using the Joint Health Complex ever since SHAKLEE introduced the product with good results. Yet, the inflammation from the arthritis would flare up each day I would golf – which would affect my game…..Last summer SHAKLEE asked if I would try a bottle of the new SHAKLEE Pain Relief Complex and record my results for thirty days. I followed the instructions and within two days went golfing and the inflammation did not flare up and had no pain for the duration of the next 30 days. Once the 30 days was up I realized I would need to wait until October 2003 when SHAKLEE planned on placing the product on the market.

For me this was a life changing experience. The main ingredient in the SHAKLEE Pain Relief Complex was Boswelia an herb. I decided to go to GNC and buy Boswellia Herb. They had a bottle of Boswellia Complex 90 capsules and I thought this can hold me over until SHAKLEE puts the new product on the market. I used up the bottle of Boswellia from GNC and still had the pain in my right knee that would become inflamed each time I golfed. I have known for years that there was a difference with SHAKLEE products vs other brands. This proved to me once again there is “A SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE”


Arthritis – Happy “Pain Cream”

I Can Garden Again

“SHAKLEE’s Pain Cream is so effective at relieving the arthritis pain in my right thumb that I’m able to work again in the garden. And I can even sleep through the night. I’m thrilled.”



Arthritis – Juanita C. “The Pain In My Foot Was Gone”

About a year ago, a friend of mine noticed I was limping and asked me what was wrong. I told her I had a bone spur in the middle of my heel on my right foot and it was causing me a great deal of pain.

I had gone to the doctor and had three shots of Cortisone within three weeks, but nothing helped, so she preceded to tell me about Shaklee supplements and how they have helped many people, I told her I had been taking vitamins from health food stores for many years and I had always believed in nutrition but that they hadn’t helped with my bone spur.

She then told me about the “Shaklee Difference.” How their science, unprecedented testing and careful choice of raw materials and especially their unique processing allows all the nutrients found in nature, but also all the unknowns that aren’t discovered yet, to be part of their “food” supplement. She suggested, that just maybe I would get better results with the Shaklee food supplements.

She also said that a bone spur is caused by a deficiency of Calcium which causes the body to leach calcium from the bone.

She gave me the phone number of Dolores Mauk and I called her and she helped me with a program and within three to four weeks all the pain in my foot was gone and I could walk without limping. That was a year ago and I am still taking the same amounts because I don’t want to have any problem with a bone spur again. And I just feel so much better all over.

Here is what I am taking:

· 1 scoop Instant Protein & 1 scoop Meal Shake

· 1 Vita Lea

· 2 B-complex

· 2 SR-C

· 1 E

· 4 Alfalfa

· 2 Cal-Mag

· 2 Vita Cal (OsteoMatrix)

All of this 3 times daily, plus a 4th serving of alfalfa and calcium at bedtime.

Thank you,

Juanita Case

Arthritis – Julia “Hiking On The Weekend”

“The Joint & Muscle Pain Cream is one of my favorite SHAKLEE products. I have personally seen some quick results, but one of the best things that happened was for my mother-in-law. She has a lot of problems with arthritis in her feet. She also has an area on her ankle that gives her the most problems and it creates constant discomfort. Before she left my house the other night I rubbed some of the cream on her ankle. When she got home 15 minutes later, she called me up and said she was coming back to get some Joint & Muscle Cream because it worked so well and so fast. She was going hiking for the weekend and didn’t want to be in pain.”



Arthritis – Loretta N. “I Can Knit A Long Time With Arthritic Hands”

“I love to knit and crochet. Shaklee’s Joint and Muscle Pain Cream, which penetrates so deeply and works so quickly, allows me to stay with these projects for many more hours. I keep one in my purse, one by my bed, and one in my office.”

Loretta Nolan

Arthritis – Marie C. “I’m Pain Free”

A man from my church (Cleve) who is in his late 70′s has suffered from Arthritis for the last 10 years. He’s been taking lots of Ibuprofen daily for 10 years. When I heard this a year ago, I said “yikes, your insides must be a mess”! I gave him some information regarding Shaklee alternatives for his pain and stiffness. He read it and said “no thanks”!

In the last month, he’s no longer able to be a greeter at the door at church. He’s not able to stand up when we sing hymns. I started praying for him “Lord, give him the courage to try something new and different (Shaklee). I also gave his 42-year old daughter literature and said “Please, talk to your Dad. He doesn’t have to be in pain all the time. And his insides are going to eventually give him mega trouble.” She talked to him. A week ago he said “Give me a month’s worth”! So I put him on OsteoMatrix, Joint Health (3 per day/ 1 per meal) and Alfalfa (3 per meal, gradually going up to 5 per meal – some at bedtime if you are stiff in the am).

Yesterday at church, Cleve greeted me at the door. He said “I’m pain free”. I stopped all my Ibuprofen and other than a little stiffness, I feel great!” Hallelujah! What a blessing that was for me! What did I tell him? “Tell all your friends”! (ha)!

Shaklee – you just keep producing awesome products! But what a blessing OsteoMatrix is for our hurting seniors! Keep up the good work, or should I say research, testing, etc.

Marie Cress

Arthritis – Martha M. “Can Move Again Without Pain”

I’m a person who has used Shaklee vitamins as well as their business plan to improve all elements of my health profile since 1985. I am now 72 and have been experiencing an elevated amount of joint, muscle and back pain. It has grown and grown over the past several years to very aggravating proportions affecting sleep and most movement. I was using up to 16 Pain Complex tablets a day to control this growing pain. It worked to quench the pain but the pain itself showed no signs of letting up.

Then, in early August, Shaklee Corporation introduced VIVIX, a fabulous new longevity tonic with resveratrol and super-grape extracts. I actually began taking Vivix while attending the convention in New Orleans. It is now September 15th and I’m pain free! I take NO Pain Complex. I use the Prescription for Health products recommended by Dr. Jamie McManus in addition to Vivix…one teaspoon a day. It’s great to be able to move again without pain anywhere.

Martha Maxwell

Arthritis – Nancy & Tom “No More Pain Medication”

“Tom and I have been on the Vivix for 1 week and 2 days and after about 5 days Tom noticed that his ankles no longer hurt. He had broken them both as a youth playing sports. Tom is 65 and arthritis hit his ankles this year. He had to get up and take pain meds so he could sleep. After taking Vivix for just 5 days he no longer needs pain meds to sleep.”

Nancy Douglas


Arthritis – Willa “Calcium Deposit Gone”

Willa Virkler not only has Osteoarthritis but also a calcium deposit on a vertebrae which is closing off 1/2 of the opening that the nerves go through. The nerves are pinched leading to her shoulder and down her arm, creating severe pain. She was taking Motrin several times daily to help control the pain whenever she turned her head. The doctor wanted to surgically remove the calcium deposit and said, “take no calcium”

Willa decided to try some Shaklee and she started on the whole program with a special emphasis on calcium to try to dissolve her calcium deposits. Just 4 days later she bubbled, “I don’t have any pain in my shoulder or arm — Oh, a little bit maybe if I turn too quickly, but not enough to bother. In fact, I haven’t taken any pain pills recently.”

Willa works in the pharmacy of the St. James Hospital in Pontiac. Noticing that she was moving better, the pharmacist asked what she was doing. “I’m not going to tell you,” she replied. “Because you are a pharmacist and you’re just like my doctor.” He persisted in knowing and after promising not to laugh, she told him she was taking Shaklee supplements.

When she went back to her doctor for a checkup he wanted to know what she had been doing, for he noticed a big improvement. She told him she was taking Shaklee supplements. He reminded her that he had told her not to take extra calcium. Willa told him Shaklee’s was dicalcium phosphate to which he replied, “Oh, that’s O.K. then!”

She still takes Shaklee Calcium (OsteoMatrix) and she needs 8 Alfalfa with each meal and at bed time. Willa isn’t even considering surgery any more!


Arthritis, Rheumatoid – Sandy “Danced At The Wedding”

Karen, my sister, was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 2 years ago. The doctor wanted to put her on some chemotherapy tablets. She would be able to work most of the week and be sick just on weekends. They took x-rays and said that it would just be a matter of time before she would need knee operations and perhaps a wheelchair, because there was no way to stop it. She didn’t consider all this an option.

We talked about it and I told her the research that was being done helping the immune system fight this off, it seems to be ‘buried’ somehow in the system like a latent virus, and under real stress (they had almost lost their home) it kicked in and spread like wild fire through the blood all over the body. With her she went to bed one night with a few aches and pains and woke up the next morning swollen and unable to walk without pain especially in her feet.

I got her to try Shaklee’s Formula I intensely during the course of the day, the Instant Protein, Vita-Lea, and Alfalfa. She started getting results, and we began working with Dr. Scala’s info on diet for Rh.A. what to stay away from especially. She was able to work but by end of the day was getting tired and had some pain. Still she opted for that vs. being really sick. Then the next move was to go to a chiropractor. He said that she cut 5 weeks off his therapy by working with her immune system so quickly. She went into remission, and so far is doing well The doctor said that it must have just gone back into remission for the time being. Joyce doesn’t care where it went as long as it did.

She now works a full day and unless she forgets to keep her nutrition up and gets a few aches and pains every now and then. She does okay. She even danced at her daughters wedding 6 months later.

Her testimony was so good that another person sponsored in to try a similar program…she worked with the Formula 1, Vita lea and Instant Protein, couldn’t get her to try the Alfalfa. She also had great results, and can put in a full day at school if she keeps those items up in particular. Her sister was so amazed at the results; she joined Shaklee to use the products to stay healthy.

Another thing we checked was Joyce’s drinking water for too much copper. The level seemed to be fine. But research we found suggested that some people have a tendency to store copper at higher levels, so we added zinc to her diet and that seemed to alleviate some more of the pain. A special note: her chiropractor took her off of some of the Shaklee things and replaced them with his glandulars etc. The pain came back. His formulas especially with B’s in them didn’t contain enough or any, pantothenic acid. Without it, the pain and swelling, esp. in her knuckles and hands, came back. Went back on our B’s and the pain and swelling went away. Obviously she told the chiropractor to continue helping her but not to change her Shaklee nutrients.

I hope this helps someone in some way.

Sandy Maine

Arthritis, Rheumatoid – Stacey “Convinced It Was Shaklee”

Two ½ years ago I was playing golf every weekend, practicing a couple of times a week, working out, life was good and then one day I woke up and couldn’t move. My entire body hurt from head to toe. I was in such agonizing pain I had to call my daughter to come take care of me. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, going from one doctor to the next trying to find some relief. At this point I have 4 different doctors and mounting medical bills. The doctors had me on all kinds of prescription medications as well as vitamins and supplements.

I just happened to be watching 60 Minutes and they had a segment on “The Dirty Dozen” where they talked about over 60% of the vitamins and supplements sold on the market today were harmful for us to take and that Consumer Reports had been warning us about this for years.

I asked all of my doctors about it and the each said it was true, but each gave me conflicting advice on what to do about it. My daughter and I went to some fancy health food store here in San Francisco, I spent over $200.00 came home with 7 different bottles vitamins and supplements and realized I still had no idea if these vitamins contained any of “The Dirty Dozen”. This started my research of the supplement industry!

One day I happened to be talking to my dear friend Kaki O”Shaughnessy and she asked me if I had ever heard of Shaklee. My dear friend could tell that I was in bad shape and she graciously sent me Vitalizer, Vivix, NutriFeron and Energy Soy Protein Shake and said “Stacey, just trust me.”

I went to visit Kaki about 3 months later and said “Kak I have a surprise for you, I have been pain free for a whole month!” Kaki was elated I was excited but still not 100% convinced.

I ran out of products and didn’t have the money at the time to purchase more and I found myself in the hospital in unbearable pain once again. I began taking the Shaklee products again and what do you know I was feeling much better; so much better I was convinced it was the Shaklee products that were finally making the difference. I have been able to stop taking several of my prescription medications!

I know that Shaklee offers the purest and safest products available so I started my own Shaklee Business in April 2011, so I could share my story with others!


Stacey Reynolds-Perterson

Joint Pain – Andrea “No More Pain”

After spending over $1,000 at the orthopedic specialist’s office, without receiving a guarantee that he could fore-go surgery, my husband asked me to order the Shaklee products mentioned above. I had told him about these after the first visit with the doctor.

My husband has received 2 shots of something supposedly superior to the old-fashioned cortisone shots. Well, although he had some relief immediately after the shots, his pain diminished only somewhat but he still had limited motion in his arm. The doctor said he had a problem with what’s called the rotator cuff, and surgery would inevitably have to follow.

Well, after a little over one week with the Joint and Pain Relief (Joint Health) supplements, my husband comes home from work with a great, big grin. He says, “It’s almost too good to be true. I don’t even want to say it, but I have almost no pain at all!” The great thing about this, in addition to not having pain, is that he can move is arm around, all he wants, and has full motion.

He works one day a week a double shift at the restaurant, where he’s a cook. He had to stop working the double shifts because he’s come home in such pain that he almost could not go to work the following day. Now, he comes home after a double shift, experiencing minimal pain, the usual anyone would feel after 12 hours in the kitchen! So, needless to say, Joint and Pain Relief supplements are here to stay in this household. Once his order is filled, I will set him up on an automatic shipment.

I mentioned this to my sister, whose husband is a glacier, and as such, he works long hours working with glass. He’s been in terrible pain lately and my sister asked me to order these products for him. He’s going to give them a try and, if they work for him as they have for my husband, they’ll be on automatic shipment too! (As it is, my bro-in law takes the Vita-Lea and just placed his second order. My sister, who is diabetic and has a thyroid condition, just ordered the Immunity Formula I.)

I’m very happy and satisfied with these results for my husband, and my brother-in-law is, too, since he’s ordered his second supply. I expect to see wonderful results with the Gentle Sleep Relief my husband has just ordered, and I’ll keep you posted in that regard.

Thanks for everything you do!


Joint Pain – Merle “We Have a Winner”

On Saturday I could hardly walk because of the pain in my knee. I had injured it in a car accident many year’s ago and sometimes it really plays up. I had to cut short my shopping trip as I could barely walk. When I arrive home the Joint and Muscle Cream had arrived from Shaklee. I rubbed it into my knee and in less than 10 minutes the pain was gone. I could hardly believe it. It was exciting to be pain free. Today I told my son about what had happened. He had injured his arm in weight lifting so he tried the cream. When he went to lift tonight, he didn’t have any pain for the first time. His trainer asked him about it and now he wants to try it. We really have a winner.




Joint Pain – Joy “ Swelling Gone Down Considerably”

Until I read a number of VIVIX Testimonials, I did not take VIVIX seriously. But two weeks after I started taking it faithfully every day, I noticed that the swelling on the tops of my fingers and at the sides of the joints had gone down considerably. The middle joint of my little finger on my right hand has been much more enlarged than the other joints. It is still out of proportion to other joints, but the swelling reduction is huge.

Another unexpected benefit of VIVIX is that the lines in my neck continue to disappear. My sister told me that my “jowls are gone.” My appetite has also diminished. And I am beginning to see dark roots in my hair where only white has come for years. Both my hair and my skin are softer and silkier.

I am not a vain person so these last visible results alone would not have been a reason for me to use VIVIX. But these in combination with the joint results have surprised me beyond anything I could have imagined. Not to mention what all is going on inside where it is not visible. I have used many Shaklee supplements for approximately 28 years and know I am healthy because of that. But I have to say VIVIX really tops it all for me.

Joy Dunham


Our Favorite Shaklee Products

There are many Shaklee Products that we think of as our favorites. We hope that you will be interested to try them out for yourself. And remember that there is always a money-back guarantee – they are that good!

1. Vivix®. Shaklee calls it “a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cellular aging.” The ingredients in Vivix have been shown in laboratory studies to positively impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging. In fact, a 30-day supply delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine, and laboratory studies found Vivix to be 10x more powerful in slowing a key mechanism of aging than resveratrol. It’s really good stuff!*
2. Shaklee Vitalizer™. This is my foundation. In one daily packet I get foundational nutrients I need, including sustained release B and C vitamins, minerals and more, plus probiotics, Omega-3s and more. If you’re like 9 out of 10 Americans, you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and that means you may not be getting enough of the right nutrients. That’s a great reason to supplement what you eat and I really like the way Vitalizer makes me feel!
3. Cinch® Vanilla Shake Mix: Soy or Cinch® Vanilla Shake Mix: Whey. I love these shakes for so many reasons. They are rich in protein, I can mix in strawberries, bananas, peaches, whatever and it always tastes great. That’s my routine…blender, milk, fruit, cinch shake powder. It’s so good. I feel full and stay feeling full throughout the morning. They’re great for people watching what they eat. Both feature an ingredient called Leucine which helps retain muscle.
4. Basic-H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. I love this because I can use it in so many different ways around the house. I clean my whole house with it. One bottle goes a long, long way. A 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all purpose cleaner. It replaces so many household cleaners I used to buy at the grocery store. It’s concentrated, so it saves me a lot of money compared to ready-to-use cleaners. It’s nontoxic, too!
5. NutriFeron®. NutriFeron is “a clinically supported blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts.” I simply call it an immune system booster. It’s in my top 5 because so many of my friends and family use it. I feel like it boosts my immune system defenses and helps increase my resistance wherever my paths take me.*
6. Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System™. This is a great skin care system, for women and men. The exclusive to this is “Vital Repair+® which blocks ALL those skin-damaging free radical reactions and actually allows the skin to keep making healthy cells.” For me, I like it because it leaves my skin looking smooth and feeling incredible.
7. Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover. This stuff is like gold in my laundry room. I use it on grass stains, dirt, even stains on upholstery in the car or home. You name it. It cleans with “natural enzymes and active oxygen” so it seems to keep my clothes bright without fading, but still clean.
8. Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Powder). If awards were given out for the amount of wash that is done in homes, our home could qualify to be a winner. I really like Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder. The fragranced version smells great, it cleans very well. It cleans with natural enzymes and biodegradable surfactants, and is very safe in water systems. I love that it is concentrated too. With just a ¼ cup, you can clean a whole load.
9. Cinch® Snack Bars. When I get those cravings for a snack, I really like having Cinch Snack Bars around! Each bar has 10 grams of protein and only 120 or 130 calories—I like that, a lot. When I look at some other bars on the market, they often don’t even have 3 grams of protein and they’re full of sugar. Like the shakes and meal bars, these Cinch snack bars also have Leucine, which helps preserve muscle. And, they taste great!
10. Cinch® Energy Tea Mix. For me, Cinch teas are a safe, natural energy boost and a great alternative to sugary snacks, coffee and soda. You can drink it hot or cold. It comes in little single serve sticks so you can just add it to a water bottle; they’re very portable and packable. One of my favorite parts – it’s not too tart and not too sweet. It’s just right!