Source: http://www.nu-ufitness.com/emergence/

Some of us retract; we retreat to a quiet place. We hide; it is one of the most beautiful and skillful practices of the natural world.
Think about it… the held bud of a summer rose, a hibernating bear, dark before the dawn, snow before spring. Hiding is always looked at as a bad thing, but I believe it is underestimated. Life; we emerge from our mother after hiding for 9 months. That is the time to grow, and ready ourselves for our birth into the light of the world; if we come too early then we are in need of much care by many hands.

If done correctly, hiding is the spirit guide for the assurance that you will emerge whole. At the first start of life, as kids, or even as growing adults… we can recoil from the conditions that have caught us and imprisoned us, many times in ways where we have been too easily compromised and too easily discarded.
We live in a day and age of the scrutinized soul and our immediate disclosure of our thoughts, dreams, and desires exposed too much, too early, and often times our best qualities forced out of us too soon into this world with minds and ideals that oppress our sense of self and our sense of others.

What is REAL and TRUE, if you think about it, always starts as hidden. What is valued inside of us should not be known in ways that diminishes its presence.
Hiding is freedom from the misunderstanding of others, especially with an ever enclosing world view of oppressiveness that tries to name us, anticipate…

What do you think?