How to Combat the Sugar Beast


Good Morning and Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Today, I want to share a few tips on how to combat the sugar beast.  Like most Americans, I used to be addicted to sugar. I was tired all of the time, and needed that afternoon pick-me-up or that quick sugary fix to keep me

going. And despite the jolt of energy most of us experience after eating a sugary treat, the reality is that sugar is terrible for one’s health.

Many people don’t understand how detrimental sugar can be. It’s more addicting than drugs, one of the major toxins, and leads to inflammation and weight gain, depletes the adrenals, and leads to other serious health problems.

Put simply- sugar burdens your body.

If you want to ditch the sugar addiction, it is possible! Let me tell you what worked for me:
1.Start your day with protein. I like to add a protein powder to my morning smoothie because the amino acids balance and stabilize blood sugar, which reduces sugar cravings.
2.  Start your day with affirmations and one-minute meditation. I realized I was jumping out of bed and pushing my adrenals to the max right away. Don’t do that. Instead, make time in the morning to create  space for yourself–even 5 minutes will change your day.
3.If you are craving something sweet, THINK GREEN, I carry Chlorella Tablets with me and pop a few when I feel that sugar beast rising its ugly head.  Chlorella alkalizes the body and shuts down the cravings for sugar.
4. Hydrate daily…

What do you think?