New Class: Yoga for the Inner Athlete


Yoga for the Inner Athlete
Sunday Mornings at 8 am

IMG_9512_AZenRock Fitness is proud to offer a second, more physically demanding, yoga class on Sunday mornings. The 60-minute sessions start at 8:00 am. This class will appeal to both the athlete & yogi within, as it blends both the hard and soft aspects of yoga.

Q: How will this class differ from the current class?

A: The 9:30am class focuses on stretching and stress reduction. We should call it Yoga for Stress Reduction or The Yoga Experience. The 8:00am class highlights concentration, endurance and building strength.

Q:  Sounds like Power Yoga, how will it differ?

A: Typical Power Yoga spends 90 minutes in a hot room. If you’ve ever attended a class, you’ll find that the pace is fairly quick. If not done correctly, before you know it, breath control and good form is lost in an effort to keep up with the instruction.

Yoga for the Inner Athlete could be thought of as a prerequisite class for Power Yoga. Rather than performing the handstand or headstand, we’ll do the prep instead. We will focus on developing the strength that is needed at the point of liftoff, without actually lifting off. We’ll practice developing the control that is needed to keep up in a power yoga class.

Q: I have a hard time doing a push-up,…

What do you think?