Invisible Bruises


The strong woman in me resisted being labeled a victim. If I admitted to that identity, would I loose the only power and dignity that I thought I had managed to hold on to? Or would I free myself and release the shame and guilt I’d been carrying around?  Unknown-3ShareTweetPlusPin

The scars of domestic abuse aren’t always visible, the emotional, financial, and spiritual abuse can sometimes go undetected for much longer, but it’s wounds just as real and painful. It’s taken 10 years to reclaim that final part of me that was beaten down and suppressed, and now, I’m ready to tell my story.

There is no shame in being a victim and there is profound beauty and power that can arise from the darkness.Unknown-4ShareTweetPlusPin

At the height of the abuse my physical body was in tatters; I was a shell of my former self. The only time I would remember who I was, the only time that I would connect to that flickering light within me, was when I was practicing yoga. I would drag myself to class and arrive with pu…

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