Why You Need to Be Doing Hurricane Sprints

Source: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/hurricane-sprints-fat-loss/

hurricaneYou have to do cardio — for stamina, for cardiovascular health, for fat loss — but you don’t have to like it. 

When I needed to slim down last summer, I sought out the most intense cardio workouts possible: something that would give me the maximum benefits with the shortest, most infrequent workouts possible. That’s how I turned to hurricane sprints. 

You see, most cardio workouts have one big weakness: they only use your legs.

The brainchild of MMA trainer Martin Rooney, hurricane sprints take the interval training workouts you know and love and fear, and make them even more grueling by adding in upper body and core exercises in place of rest periods.

The benefits are threefold: more fat burned, stimulated slow-twitch muscles fibers throughout your whole body, and an increase in the testosterone and growth hormone response.

Also, you might throw up.

It’s a tough workout, but it only takes fifteen minutes and you only have to do it once a week. Last summer, I lost five pounds of fat and gained eight pounds of muscle in three months, and I owe much of that fat loss to hurricane sprints. No other workout has ever made me feel more superhuman for having completed it.

Consider it an exercise in “embracing the s…

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