The Simple Changes That Increase Your Value to Clients


Ask yourself right now: “What do my clients value?”

Your value as a personal trainer is obviously important to your short- and long-term business growth, but take note that your client’s valuation of your business starts on their first interaction, before they actually speak to you. These things must always be considered in your analysis of ways to improve the value of your business and coaching.

The most direct way to increase your value in general is actually simple and straightforward: build on top of and improve your pre-existing value.

In essence, you should be “intensifying” what you are already doing in your business, not adding new services or features. Simply do what you are already doing, but do it better. Remember, training is an outcome-based business. You are hired on the basis of future results, but these are outcomes that are built upon moment to moment. Therefore, you should increase the value of those moments.

What makes your training valuable?

As a whole though, training with your client is an experience. We can call our training a product or even a service, but semantics aside, it constitutes an experience between a professional and a client.

When placing a certain value on this experience, it’s common to apply only our own per…

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