How to Earn a Car with Shaklee

Shaklee has made some great improvements to their incentive package. They call it the Shaklee Dream Plan.

One of the best incentives is how they now make it easy for most people to earn a car. Or at least help out on a car payment, even at some of the more junior levels.

Here is how it works:

Shaklee Dream Plan – How to Earn a Car
Level Average Monthly Income Regular Monthly Car Allowance Hybrid Monthly Car Allowance Car
Director $885 Not yet Not yet Your current car
Senior Director $1,170 $225 $250 Senior Director Coordinator Car
Coordinator $1,814 $225 $250
Senior Coordinator $3,251 $325 $375 Senior Coordinator Executive Coordinator Car
ExecutiveCoordinator $4,896 $325 $375
Senior ExecutiveCoordinator $5,650 $400 $450 Senior Executive Coordinator Key Coordinator Car
Key Coordinator $8,512 $400 $450
Senior Key Coordinator $9,434 $450 $500 Senior Key Coordinator Master Coordinator Car
Master Coordinator $18,168 $450 $600
Senior Master Coordinator New Rank
Presidential Master Coordinator $49,836 Keys Presidential Master Coordinator Car

So even when you are only a Senior Director, you are already earning a car. And it doesn’t take long if you are serious about building a Shaklee business to achieve this rank.

Does $225 really get you much of a car? Probably not your dream car. But it is a start. And there are very few incentive plans – if any – that are this generous starting at this level.

Of course there are requirements that you are generating certain levels of regular business to achieve each of these levels in the program. The key is to get started and work hard to build the business to take advantage of the opportunity.

And what exactly is that top of the line Mercedes that is handed over to each Presidential Master Coordinator? It is the top-of-the-line S400 Hybrid Sedan.

If you would like more information on this incentive program, click here to contact us today. We want to help you into your next car – paid for by Shaklee.

For more details on the Shaklee Dream Plan you can see the whole picture on the Shaklee Dream Plan Brochure.

Click here to download or on the image below:

Shaklee Dream Plan 2010

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