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Shaklee Dreams: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams Presentation with Notes – Part 4

The Shaklee Dream Plan – just announced at the Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim – offers a great opportunities for everyone to be successful in building their business.

The theme of Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams is explained in more detail here, slide by slide.

Click here to see the entire presentation in PDF and PowerPoint presentations.

Here is the program detail:

Shaklee Presentation: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams

Shaklee Dream Plan: What You Do

Shaklee Dream Plan: What You Do

So what do you do?The path is simple and straightforward.The first step: become a GOLD Ambassador: you do that by purchasing our business package called a Mission PAK.

You then begin to build your team by looking for three business builders who want to begin creating their own future: They join Shaklee by purchasing their Mission PAK and becoming GOLD Ambassadors.

This is what we call “3 and 10, Do it Again”: Your building block for success.

As you are looking for your business builders, you find 10 people who want to become Shaklee customers: They are Members.

And then you “Do it Again”.

Shaklee Dream Plan: In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Shaklee Dream Plan: In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

In Shaklee you can start a business for yourself, but not by yourself: You have the resources of a half a billion dollar company in Shaklee.In Shaklee you don’t have:

  1. Overhead
  2. The risk of keeping inventory
  3. Any deliveries to make
  4. Any customer shipment problems to resolve
  5. Employees
  6. Employers

We don’t recognize:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Race
  4. Educational background

We recognize just two things:

  1. Do you want something better for yourself? and
  2. Are you willing to do something about it?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Visionary Leadership

Shaklee Dream Plan: Visionary Leadership

At Shaklee you will surround yourself with quality people.Roger Barnett is the CEO: he is sincere in building relationships with each person in the Shaklee family: and he has the vision and resources to maximize the potential of the company.And of course you get to select the people on your team. How often does that happen in a corporate America job?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Strong Foundation for Success

Shaklee Dream Plan: Strong Foundation for Success

None of this would be possible without our strong foundation, our history.In 1915, Dr. Shaklee sat in his laboratory isolating vitamins and minerals from food: he helped start the nutrition revolution.In 1956 he founded our company on the concept of product integrity, science, and a generous compensation plan.

In 1960 he developed one of the first environmentally friendly household products.

We are thriving because of his vision and passion for a company that would improve the lives of everyone it touched.

Shaklee Dream Plan: How to Get Started

Shaklee Dream Plan: How to Get Started

So how do YOU get started?Begin by purchasing your Mission PAK: becoming a GOLD Ambassador.You have two choices: $299 GOLD PAK or the $750 Super GOLD PAK: both offer you the business materials you need to get started plus a selection of products.

This is the way you will want to join.

You not only get a 15% discount on all future purchases, you get 3 months of your own Personal Website and can choose a free product on your next order of 100 points or more.

It is simply the best value and unlocks all the ways you can earn in Shaklee.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Other Membership Options

Shaklee Dream Plan: Other Membership Options

There are others ways to join as well: to receive the 15% discount and potentially start your own business.

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Shaklee Dreams: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams Presentation with Notes – Part 5

The Shaklee Dream Plan – just announced at the Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim – offers a great opportunities for everyone to be successful in building their business.

The theme of Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams is explained in more detail here, slide by slide.

Click here to see the entire presentation in PDF and PowerPoint presentations.

Here is the program detail:

Shaklee Presentation: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams

Shaklee Dream Plan: What to do Next

Shaklee Dream Plan: What to do Next

If you have decided to partner with us, we want to personally welcome you: and provide some action steps to take:First, experience the products and sign up for auto ship: the best and most convenient way for you to get the products you want and when you need them.Next, put your plan of action together with your sponsor: it allows you to know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Finally, start to build your business team by sharing this same story we shared with you today.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Think About the Possibilities

Shaklee Dream Plan: Think About the Possibilities

One thing I want to encourage you to do today is to start thinking about your own Dream.What is it about what you have heard that makes you start to realize that their might be an opportunity here for you.We hope we have given you a lot to think about: from trips to the San Francisco Bay Area: to 5-star resort locations: to the possibility of that new car.

Think about how $1,000 to $5,000 a month would make a significant difference in your life. What would you do with it?

And what if you were able to earn $100,000 in the next 15 months? Thousands of other have already reached that goal. You could be next.

We would love to have you join us today!

Shaklee Dream Plan: Dr. Shaklee and Your Future

Shaklee Dream Plan: Dr. Shaklee and Your Future

Dr. Shaklee said it so well.  “Your future life will be exactly what you decide to make it.”

Shaklee Dream Plan: Join Us!

Shaklee Dream Plan: Join Us!

Thanks for joining us!

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How to Earn a Car with Shaklee

Shaklee has made some great improvements to their incentive package. They call it the Shaklee Dream Plan.

One of the best incentives is how they now make it easy for most people to earn a car. Or at least help out on a car payment, even at some of the more junior levels.

Here is how it works:

Shaklee Dream Plan – How to Earn a Car
Level Average Monthly Income Regular Monthly Car Allowance Hybrid Monthly Car Allowance Car
Director $885 Not yet Not yet Your current car
Senior Director $1,170 $225 $250 Senior Director Coordinator Car
Coordinator $1,814 $225 $250
Senior Coordinator $3,251 $325 $375 Senior Coordinator Executive Coordinator Car
ExecutiveCoordinator $4,896 $325 $375
Senior ExecutiveCoordinator $5,650 $400 $450 Senior Executive Coordinator Key Coordinator Car
Key Coordinator $8,512 $400 $450
Senior Key Coordinator $9,434 $450 $500 Senior Key Coordinator Master Coordinator Car
Master Coordinator $18,168 $450 $600
Senior Master Coordinator New Rank
Presidential Master Coordinator $49,836 Keys Presidential Master Coordinator Car

So even when you are only a Senior Director, you are already earning a car. And it doesn’t take long if you are serious about building a Shaklee business to achieve this rank.

Does $225 really get you much of a car? Probably not your dream car. But it is a start. And there are very few incentive plans – if any – that are this generous starting at this level.

Of course there are requirements that you are generating certain levels of regular business to achieve each of these levels in the program. The key is to get started and work hard to build the business to take advantage of the opportunity.

And what exactly is that top of the line Mercedes that is handed over to each Presidential Master Coordinator? It is the top-of-the-line S400 Hybrid Sedan.

If you would like more information on this incentive program, click here to contact us today. We want to help you into your next car – paid for by Shaklee.

For more details on the Shaklee Dream Plan you can see the whole picture on the Shaklee Dream Plan Brochure.

Click here to download or on the image below:

Shaklee Dream Plan 2010

Cars. Cash. Trips. Dreams

Let us know what you think!

What is a Shaklee GOLD Ambassador?

Shaklee is the largest natural nutritional supplement company in the United States. Rather than selling products through a typical retail channel, Shaklee uses a direct selling program where individuals can build a business promoting the products. In fact some of the top performers started out as satisfied customers and wanted to be able to earn a living while introducing others to products they felt were healthy for themselves, their families, and the whole planet.

Anyone can purchase Shaklee products on the web site of an authorized Independent Distributor. Click here to shop our site.

Shaklee Membership Program

There are three basic levels of membership: GOLD Ambassador, Distributor, and Basic Membership. What are the cost and benefits of each?

GOLD Ambassador

WHO SHOULD PURCHASE: This is the primary membership level for anyone interested in seriously building a Shaklee business.

COST: $299 for the GOLD Ambassador

PROGRAM DETAILS:  Right out of the gate, you meet your first requirement to be paid in all five ways Shaklee pays its distributors. You can also immediately participate in our supercharged career path to success in Shaklee, called FastTRACK, and earn. Earn trips, extra cash (up to $34,000) and up to $100,000 total compensation when you achieve the rank of Executive Coordinator within your first 15 months!

The GOLD Ambassador Options include:

  • 15% Discount off SRP on products
  • New Distributor Welcome Kit
  • Free product with next order of 100 PV/IPV
  • Global Ambassador Status
  • 3 Months of PWS ($60 Value)
  • 100 – 250 IPV

In addition each Mission Pak will contain one of the following product assortments you select:

Shaklee GOLD Ambassador Mission PAK Options

GOLD Premiere Tru-Infinity™

Mission PAK – $299

GOLD Premiere Tru-Infinity™ Mission PAK

GOLD Premiere Tru-Infinity™ Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:†† Product selection subject to availability. Product may be substituted with product of similar value at any time.

  • Vitalizer w/o Iron
  • Vivix®
  • NutriFeron®
  • Cinch® Lemon-Cranberry Snack Bar (1 bar)
  • Cinch® Chocolate Snack Bar (1 bar)
  • Cinch® Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Meal Bar (1 bar)
  • Cinch® Vanilla Shake Packet (1 packet)
  • Cinch® Chocolate Shake Packet (1 packet)
  • Cinch® Café Latte Shake Packet (1 packet)
  • Cinch® Strawberry Shake Packet (1 packet)
  • Basic H2™ Sample
  • Get Clean™ Spray Bottles (2 bottles)

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees

Vivix Tru-Infinity™ Mission PAK – $299

Vivix Tru-Infinity™ Mission PAK

Vivix Tru-Infinity™ Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:

  • 2 Boxes of Vivix®

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees

“Healthy Home Healthy You”


Mission PAK – $299

“Healthy Home Healthy You” Mission PAK

“Healthy Home Healthy You” Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:

  • Basic H2® 16 Oz
  • Get Clean® Spray Bottles (2 Bottles)
  • Dish Wash Liquid 16 Oz
  • Basic H2® Wipes
  • Fresh Laundry Liq (He) 32 Oz
  • Hand Wash Dispenser
  • Hand & Body Lotion
  • Vitalizer
  • Soft Fabric Fragrance-Free Dryer Sheets
  • Hand Wash Concentrate
  • Nature Bright® Laundry Booster And Stain Remover

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees

Cinch Mission PAK – $299

Cinch Mission PAK

Cinch Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:†† Product selection subject to availability. Product may be substituted with product of similar value at any time.

  • Cinch® Energy Tea, 28 Pk
  • Cinch® 3-In-1 Boost, 42 Ct
  • Cinch® Bar, Assortment Pk
  • Cinch® Plan Guide & CD
  • Cinch® Shake, Canister, Vanilla
  • Cinch® Shake, Packets, Vanilla
  • Cinch® Tape Measure
  • Cinch® Pedometer
  • Cinch® Daily Journal
  • Cinch® DVD

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees!

Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System (Normal to Dry) Mission PAK – $299

Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System Mission PAK

Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:

  • Hydrating Cleansing Lotion
  • Hydrating Toner 6 Oz
  • Time Repair Am® Spf 15 2 Oz
  • Hydrating Moisturizer 1.7 Oz
  • Eye Treatment .5 Oz
  • C + E Repair P.M.® 1 Oz
  • Refining Polisher 2.5 Oz
  • Lip Treatment Spf 15 .15Oz
  • Enfuselle® Dispensing Pump

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees!

GOLD Premiere Mission PAK – $299

GOLD Premiere Mission PAK

GOLD Premiere Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:†

† Product selection subject to availability. Product may be substituted with product of similar value at any time.

  • 20246 Vitalizer W/O Iron
  • 20340 Cinch Shake, Canister, Vanilla
  • 20379 Cinch Bar, Assortment Pk
  • 20960 Nutriferon
  • 32515 Hand & Body Lotion 8 Oz
  • 00015 Basic H2 16 Oz
  • 50406 Get Clean Spray Bottle

Kosher GOLD Premiere Mission PAK – $299

Kosher GOLD Premiere Mission PAK

Kosher GOLD Premiere Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:

  • B-Complex 120 Ct.
  • Cinch® Shake, Can. Chocolate
  • Nutriferon®
  • Basic H2® 16 Oz
  • Vita-Lea® With Iron 120 Ct.
  • Sr Vita-C® 500 Mg 180 Ct.
  • Herb-Lax® 60 Ct.
  • Ez Gest 30 Ct.
  • New Concept Dentrifice Spearmint
  • Get Clean&Reg; Spray Bottles (2 Bottles)

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees!

Rx for a Healthier Life Mission PAK -BONUS PV Edition – $299

Rx for a Healthier Life Mission PAK

Rx for a Healthier Life Mission PAK

This Mission PAK contains:

  • Vitalizer w/o Iron (1 box)
  • Vivix® (1 bottle)
  • NutriFeron® (60 count)
  • Cinch® Vanilla Shake Canister (1)
  • Basic H2® 16.oz (1 bottle)
  • Get Clean™ Spray Bottles (2 bottles)

And to offset the carbon emissions of shipping the PAK, Shaklee will plant five trees!

Our business is all about achieving your dreams by helping others reach theirs. And with Shaklee, you’re joining a team that has proven its ability to do this, for millions of people, all around the world. That’s what we do, and you can too.

Ready to get started? Click here to sign up today.

Contact us for more information and we will answer all of your questions.

10 Reasons a Real Estate Agent Can be a Successful Shaklee Distributor

The current economy nationwide has made it difficult for many successful real estate agents to earn a living. The real estate market in 2010 is not what it was just a few short months ago.

An attractive alternate income can be built by these under-utilized agents can be found in building a Shaklee business. What skills do they already have that will give them an advantage?

10 Reasons to be Successful

Real estate agents are:

  1. Selling Machines. Every good real estate agent is already an expert in selling. They know the process of prospecting, creating a relationship with potential customers, and how to put together a winning deal.
  2. Deal Closers. Most agents that are successful know how to close a deal. Identifying the concerns of potential buyers and knowing how to “cross the finish line” are second nature.
  3. Networkers. These successful individuals know how to build long lasting relationships and networks. They understand that it is more important to keep the clients happy so they will return in the future and be a valuable source of referrals.
  4. Accustomed to Rejection. No one is immune to impact of rejection. But in any selling profession the winners will understand that it takes a lot of “no’s” to get to those few valuable “yes’s”.
  5. Experts in Matching Customers with Products. With the experience of matching home-buyers with properties, the agent has valuable experience in presenting the right product at the right time to the right prospect.
  6. Positive. No one with a negative attitude makes it in the selling world.  This can-do attitude works well in selling almost anything.
  7. Possessing Local Networks. A good real estate agent already has access to an existing network of people who are going through changes in their lives. They know their local area and many well-connected individuals that can be invaluable in building a Shaklee business.
  8. Competitive. A real estate agent typically has that drive to succeed. They seek out opportunities where the rewards are available based on the amount of work applied. There is no such thing as blind luck in a long-term sales career. It is only hard work that makes a real difference.
  9. Part-timers. Many agents work in real estate on a part time basis. That is also an approach that can be used in selling Shaklee products. In fact many of the top performers started out in their career almost as a hobby to earn extra income and learned how to be successful.
  10. Motivated by Money.  All good sales people are motivated by monetary rewards. There are other great recognition opportunities, but the freedom that significant income provides opens all kinds of doors.

Will every successful real estate agent be able to be a successful Shaklee distributor? Of course not, but they already possess several advantages that can be used to get started right away. And as the economy continues to struggle, everyone can use a fresh opportunity.

Contact us if you would like more information on how to get started in a successful Shaklee career. We have decades of experience we would like to share.

Shaklee 2010 Dream Plan. Cars. Cash. Trips. Dreams.

Shaklee Dream Plan 2010

Cars. Cash. Trips. Dreams

Shaklee introduced the Dream Plan 2010 at the 2010 Anaheim Global Conference. There are significant new opportunities to earn cash, get a car, and go on all-expense paid trips. Of course it will take time, work, and planning, but this is a program that can actually pay off for the right people.

Live the Dream

With all the tough news about the economy, most of us have scaled back our expectations for what we can earn—and even what kind of life we can have. We’ve given up our hopes for ourselves and, in some cases, even what we hope for our children.

Shaklee offers you the chance to reclaim your hopes and dreams for the future while making a difference in the lives of your family and your communities—all while earning cash, even a career income, as well as cars, trips, and other rewards!


Earn money when you share Shaklee products with others and when they join you in building a new Shaklee business.


As you share with more and more people and grow your customer base, you can reach Business Leader status. When you help one other person do the same, and increase your volume, you become eligible

to earn a monthly car payment!


Throughout the year, you’ll be assigned points for activities that grow your business—such as sponsoring new business partners. When you earn enough points, you’ll earn fabulous trips to exotic

locations—with expenses paid by Shaklee!

Share the Dream.

Now that you’re ready to dream, it’s time to make your dreams a reality. The path to achieving your dreams in Shaklee is simple.

Step 1:

Identify at least three people who want to build a global home-based business by sponsoring as a GOLD Ambassador with the purchase of a Mission PAK.

Step 2:

In the process, find at least 10 people who will want to sign up as consumer Members to purchase Shaklee products.

Step 3:

Every time you advance in rank, repeat the process! Now you’re building a team, earning up-front cash, creating residual income, and continuing to advance—and now the fun begins!

Building a Shaklee business puts you in the driver’s seat! When you decide to build a Shaklee business, you control the pace at which you grow and you reap the rewards for your hard work and commitment!

The Shaklee Bonus Car Program

Let Shaklee Put You in the Driver’s Seat!

Are you driving the car of your dreams? It’s possible with Shaklee! When you build a Shaklee business and grow to higher levels of Leadership while accumulating higher volumes of product sales, Shaklee will reward you with progressively larger car payments toward your very own new car!

Go Green and Get More. Qualify for a higher car payment if you choose a hybrid vehicle.


Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Nov. 2–7, 2011

Build your new Shaklee business and you can earn your passage to the mystical Atlantis Resort for five days of azure-colored waters, tropical breezes, and sumptuous surroundings!

Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

Sept. 18-25, 2011

Top Achievers Club International 2011 Getaway Exotic. Crystal waters; pristine, palm-lined beaches; and touches of stunning luxury make this exotic destination nothing less than splendid—that’s the allure of Bora Bora. When you are one of our top business builders, Shaklee will whisk you away to the exclusive Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora for seven days.

Learn More

To learn more about the Dream Plan, check these out:

2010 Shaklee Dream Plan Presentations

2010 Shaklee Dream Plan Presentations

Click here to sign up as a Gold Ambassador and get started on your own Dream Plan today!

And for more information, contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you might have.  Click here to go to the contact page.

Good luck on your Dream Plan!

Top 10 Criteria For Picking A Company

Simon Prentice on posted on May 24, 2009 a list of the the types of questions you should ask when checking out any business opportunity such as Shaklee.  Here is a link to his posting:

Full Article on

In order to help you filter out the good companies from the bad, I have put together a post that discusses the Top 10 Qualities to look for when selecting a network marketing company.

These 10 characteristics are based on research put together by D.C. Falter Marketing, The University of Illinois Network Marketing Faculty, MLM Insider and Networking Times. By finding a company that has all of these qualities, you can feel assured that you will be getting involved in a company that will give you your best chance of achieving success.

Here is the list and how Shaklee stacks up:

1.) The founder of the company started the business for a purpose he or she was passionate about.

  • Shaklee was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee in 1956 and was passionate about improving peoples’ lives through better health and a more healthy home.

2.) The products are consumable. For example, if the company sold water it would meet this criteria as water is consumable. Vitamins are another very good example.

  • All of Shaklee products are consumable – from vitamins, Cinch weight management products, Get Clean home products, and all healthy beauty products.

3.) A binary compensation plan is used. It is far easier to make passive income with a binary compensation plan.

  • Shaklee does not use a binary compensation plan, but is a type of “stair-step” program which is often described as being driven by both product and performance.  This doesn’t mean that binary plans are not good, they are just a different format. What is important is that the compensation plan is built around selling product, not recruiting new distributors for a fee.

4.) The company has a good reputation. Google it! Sketchy companies will have many negative comments written about them. Good companies will have more positives than negatives.

  • Check it out and see for yourself. Because Shaklee has been successful for so many decades means that they are doing something right.

5.) The company has been in business for at least seven years.

  • Shaklee was started in 1956 – over 50 years and growing.

6.) The industry the company is based in has a future not a past. Therefore, there is growing demand for the products. A good example would be products that serve the baby boomers (a growing segment).

  • Shaklee is in the center of the nearly $1 trillion health and wellness industry, focusing on health and wellness, anti-aging, green products, nutrition and beauty, and home-based businesses.

7.) The company has exceptional training programs and marketing materials.

  • Shaklee provides comprehensive training for all new distributors, such as the online Shaklee University. Training continues through local, regional, and global conferences. The most important training comes from your sponsor.

8.) The product or service is distributed through online systems.

  • All distributors have a personal web site (PWS) which is used for processing all orders. No distributor needs to order, house, or ship products.

9.) The company prides itself on HELPING people not selling to people. Sketchy companies focus most of their energy on training you how to just recruit other distributors. Good companies focus on training you about their products and why they help people and how to help people achieve their goals.

  • Shaklee likes to focus its products as designed to help individuals and their families live a healthier life while treating the planet well. Of course the most successful Shaklee distributors work on developing new business leaders, but their compensation is based on total product sold – not income from new memberships.

10.) The company has an exceptional product or service that people will want to recommend to their friends.

  • You have to determine this for yourself. Our household has been using Shaklee products daily for over 20 years and we do not hesitate to refer others to these products.
Based on this criteria – which we think is an excellent way to evaluate these types of marketing opportunities – Shaklee stacks up pretty well.

10 Reasons for LGBT Entrepreneurs to Build a Shaklee Business

Corporate America has becoming an increasingly accepting opportunity for members of the LGBT community. There are more and more companies that offer non-discrimination policies for sexual orientation and even benefits for partners. Co-workers and management can be supportive and allow gay and lesbian workers more freedom than in the past.

But being an open member of the LGBT community in the workforce can still be a tough situation. In some parts of the country it is more accepted than others.

What is a good alternative?

Becoming your own boss and building your own business has been a way for gay entrepreneurs to earn a good living and live their own lifestyle. But starting out on your own can be stressful, take an incredible amount of initiative and effort, and often requires a significant investment. One good opportunity we have discovered is to build a Shaklee business as an Independent Shaklee Distributor.

10 Reasons for Gay Entrepreneurs to Build a Network Marketing Business:

1. You can be your own boss.

You will have flexibility in your time and schedule, deciding on the best use of your time. And you will have the opportunity to truly enjoy your work.

2. You can select your business partners.

When you decide to join Shaklee and start building your business you will be able to select the people you will be working with on a daily basis – no boss or company will tell you who your co-workers will be.

3. You get a choice in who are your customers.

In addition to having a choice in your business partners, you will also be able to have a say in who your customers are. You can promote Shaklee products to anyone so why not select people you like to see every day?

4. You can build a business promoting healthy products in the $350+ billion health and wellness industry.

Shaklee has been in business for over 50 years and is the number 1 natural nutrition company in the US. Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral™ certified. The Shaklee products are excellent quality and you will be genuinely helping others to live a more healthy lifestyle.

5. You will have the opportunity to promote three of the most valuable products for the LGBT community:

  • Vivix Anti-Aging Formula
  • Vitalizer Healthy Nutrition Supplements
  • Nutriferon Immunity Boost

6. You can be rewarded based on your efforts.

The Shaklee program provides you with unlimited income potential. There are 7 ways to generate income and it one of the best in the industry. And importantly you will be recognized for your achievements

7. You can work in a supportive organization that values individual contribution

Instead of working for someone else, being constrained by the existing structure, you will be part of an organization that recognizes individuals based on contribution – not on who they are.

8. Becoming a Shaklee Independent Distributor does not require a large investment.

Starting as a GOLD Ambassador costs only $349, providing a $500+ value. There is no inventory, customer service, or transaction costs. And you can build your business online, giving you the chance to promote your business nationwide and even globally.

9. Shaklee provides comprehensive training to get started.

Shaklee is not looking for just sales people. We are looking for entrepreneurs. The training is extensive, including online and printed material. Shaklee University will give you the tools needed to business a successful business. And most importantly the person who sponsors your member will become your mentor.

10. Become part of the LGBT Shaklee “family”.

We all spend a tremendous portion of our time in our work. We feel that this time should be spent with positive individuals who want to work with us no matter what community we belong to. And at Shaklee we are working to build a large and successful LGBT network of distributors.

Does this sound interesting to you? Do you want to know more? We hope so and want to hear from you.

What’s next?

• Click here to learn more about Shaklee Products and the Shaklee Opportunity on our web site

• Check out our Green and Healthy Vitamin Supplements blog

• Sign up for our Shaklee Opportunity and Training Webinars

• View our Shaklee Videos on YouTube

Follow us on Twitter

And most importantly you can Sign Up with Shaklee today!

You can always reach us to ask questions and get more information by going to our Shaklee web site and clicking on the CONTACT ME link at the top of each page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“Your future life will be exactly what you decide to make it” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

10 Best Shaklee Products for Young Entrepreneurs

The Shaklee Product line of natural vitamin supplements, green products for the home, weight management, and healthy beauty appeals to all ages. But for young entrepreneurs there are some products that can be particularly attractive.

What are the best products for young people to promote?

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition.

Shaklee Sports Nutrition products have been powering many of the world’s elite athletes to remarkable achievements for decades with several revolutionary formulas. Shaklee Physique® and Shaklee Performance® provide athletes with energy, hydration, and muscle recovery and growth.

Energy Chews


Healthy Energy plus Smart Focus. Energy Chews are packed with a whole lot of healthy attitude, the kind that gets your body moving, sharpens your mind and improves your mood. And all Shaklee products are from natural ingredients and a good way to make it through the day.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief.

Stress Relief Complex helps relax the body and mind, and promotes alertness while enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to everyday stress with all natural ingredients.

Children's Health

Children’s Health.

Shakleekids provides a wide variety of the world’s best children’s supplements. If you or anyone you know has growing youngsters, they will appreciate these products, such as Incredivites and Mighty Smart, made from super-safe ingredients that bring out the best in your kids.

Immune Support

Immune Support.

Your body works hard to keep you healthy but the daily bombardment from environmental irritants and airborne pollutants can unbalance your immune system. Nutriferon is a clinically tested, natural interferon booster and is important to people of all ages.

Multi-vitamin Supplements

Multivitamin Supplements.

The Vita-Lea formula provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Taken daily, Vita-Lea promotes overall health and wellness and supports long-term colon, heart, and eye health, and strengthens the immune system. Multivitamin supplements are important for young people too.

Cinch Weight Management

Cinch Weight Management.

Losing weight can be important for anyone who has a few too many pounds. Many young people are struggling with their weight. Cinch provides a sensible, natural program that can make it easier to manage. Being overweight is one of the most important controllable factors in long-term healthy living.

Clean Products

Clean Products for a Healthy Home.

Shaklee Get Clean Products are safe for you, your home, and the planet. As everyone gets more environmentally conscious, using products that are green can be difficult to find, but Shaklee makes it easy. Basic H® has been around since 1960, and was one of the first environmentally safe household cleaners on the market. Today, millions of bottles later, it’s more loved than ever.

Enfusselle Sun Screen

Enfuselle® SPF 30 Sunscreen for Body.

Sunscreen is important for active people of all ages. This natural formula is designed for all skin types, waterproof, and oil-free. Premature skin aging can be a direct result of too much sun so everyone needs protection.

Vivix Anti-Aging Formula

Vivix Anti-Aging Formula.

Why is an anti-aging formula important to young people? Because everyone knows older people who want to live a longer, healthier life. This revolutionary breakthrough in cellular anti-aging has been shown in laboratory studies to positively impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging.

These Shaklee products are valuable to people young and old, but for a young entrepreneur who is interested in building a successful Shaklee business these 10 items can be the most valuable when talking with their friends and family. For living a healthy life, you can never start too young!

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10 Reasons Why Young Entrepreneurs Can be Successful in Building a Shaklee Business